Avangate Acquires 2Checkout to Expand Payment Flexibility and Broaden Market Reach


Combined company will bring a unique combination of eCommerce and subscription management solutions to market through various payment models across the globe.
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Why use RSS Feeds?

RSS feeds are an opportunity to stay updated with the latest news, without visiting the sites where the information is provided. You will receive headlines, summaries or entire content, exactly the moment they get published. On top of that, you can read them on mobile devices (PDA, Smart Phone, Blackberry).

You ensure your privacy because you don't need to provide any personal details when subscribing to RSS feeds. To better understand how RSS feeds work, we invite you to watch this Youtube tutorial.

How to use RSS feeds?

For a starter you need to be subscribed to an online RSS reader or have a desktop application installed. Here are a couple of the most used online readers:

Visit their web pages for more details on how to get them started.

Browser-based news readers let you catch up with your RSS feed subscriptions from any computer, whereas downloadable applications let you store them on your main computer.

Once you have subscribed to or installed a RSS feed reader, all you have to do is to start selecting the content you want to receive. For example, if you would like the Software Business articles provided by Avangate, simply visit the Software Business article section where you will notice the orange RSS button on the right upper corner of the web page.

After clicking on the RSS orange icon you will be forwarded to a RSS templated page where you can subscribe in various ways: by clicking on the RSS reader you use or by simply accessing the attached XML Feed.

What RSS feeds does Avangate offer?

You can use this technology to get the latest headlines and articles from Avangate on:

  • RSS Feeds Software Business - Articles and Interviews covering the following topics Internet Marketing, Software Business, Website Usability - tips for software vendors
  • RSS Feeds Affiliate Marketing - Articles and Interviews covering the following topics Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Website Usability - tips for affiliates
  • RSS Feeds Avangate News - Latest Avangate press releases, as well as information on future events we are planning to attend.

Using Avangate feeds on your site or blog

The feeds are free of charge for use by individuals and by organizations for commercial and non-commercial use. Avangate offers feeds of articles and press releases headlines in XML format ("RSS Content") to visitors who use RSS aggregators. Attribution (included in each feed) is required.

You must use the RSS feeds as provided by Avangate and you may not edit or modify the text, content or links supplied. For web posting, reprint, transcript, please send your request to