Avangate Digital Commerce for Online Services Companies

Financial Services and Identity Management

Avangate meets the needs of financial services and identity management companies with integrated commerce, marketing tools, subscription billing and advanced payments for recurring revenues and renewals.

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eBooks and Self-Publishing

Self-publishers and eBook vendors' needs are met by Avangate by making it to possible to completely control the online sales, advanced licensing, fulfillment and distribution of digital content. With a strong eCommerce engine and a growing affiliate network, its time to take back control from Amazon.com.

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Technical Support Services

Avangate enables premium technical support companies with a comprehensive suite of commerce, marketing tools, global payments, APIs and subscription billing across multiple channels: web, mobile, call centers and more.

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Online Legal Services

Avangate meets the needs of online legal services companies with its comprehensive commerce, subscription engine with renewal optimization, marketing tools such as A/B testing, and partner management.

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eLearning and Online Education

eLearning and online education companies need comprehensive digital commerce offerings such as customer acquisition and marketing tools, subscriptions, global payments and renewal optimization.

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Online Backup & Storage Services

Avangate meets the needs of online backup and storage companies with powerful marketing tools for trial management, freemiums, subscription billing, and enables single-click in-app purchases for renewals and upgrades.

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Selling digital goods and services to a global audience needs a combination of smarter payments, commerce, and distribution. Learn why online services companies are realizing the need to Go Beyond Payments.

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Case Studies

Read how Online Services companies like TechLiveConnect, StratPad, 123 Contact Form benefit from Avangate's comprehensive digital commerce solution.


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