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Whether it's news you're looking for or an expert's advice on how to accelerate your software, SaaS and Online Services business, you've come to the right place. Find expert guidance in our latest articles, webinars and conversations with key industry leaders.

Transition to SaaS & Subscriptions

This paper provides a framework for software companies looking to make a successful transition to subscriptions or SaaS.

Shopping Cart Best Practices

Learn how to maximize conversion rates and revenue growth based on best practices of thousands of B2C & B2B software and SaaS vendors.

Analytics Minibible for Software and SaaS

Steb-by-step guide on how to be in control of Google Analytics and Adobe SiteCatalyst for marketers and developers from software & SaaS companies.

Global Commerce in Local Markets for Software and SaaS Companies

Find out the key things you need to know when planning to expand into new local markets.

eBook: Customer Acquisition For Digital Goods and Services Companies

Discover what successful digital leaders do well, acquisition strategies and some first-hand examples of their real-world deployment.

eBook: CRO for Digital Marketers

Discover the 5 key steps of an effective CRO program and how you can increase both conversion rate and AOV for your digital business.

eBook: 100 Tips For Successful Affiliate Selling

Here's how to start a digital goods affiliate business from scratch, optimize your website for better conversions, attract and retain clients and more.

Go Beyond Retention

In this whitepaper, we share proven ways to engage existing customers so they not only stick with your solution, but also expand their usage and ...

Go Beyond Payments

Avangate's research estimates that companies are spending upwards of 11% of revenue in addition to their payment processor investment because key business features are missing ...

Lead to Revenue Transformation

This whitepaper describes the benefits of establishing a bold new online self-service channel to grow revenue and improve operations.

Going Beyond Subscriptions in a B2i World

Whether it's business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B), consumers today have more power in the buying process than ever - especially in the software and cloud ...

A Profitable Concept - Customer Centric Commerce

This paper explores how this shift toward the individual is changing how software companies operate, and proposes a bold new customer centric commerce blueprint for ...

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Whether it's news you're looking for or an expert's advice on how to sell software, SaaS or digital goods online, you came to the right place. Find guidance in our latest eBooks, webinars, reports and conversations with industry thought leaders to further increase revenue, maximize the value of every customer, and expand global reach.