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Grow Your

Find what you need to grow, scale and support your software business with the most complete set of integrated digital commerce products available anywhere.

eCommerce Manager

Grow and Scale Online Revenues

Get the most proven, full-featured digital commerce solution on the market with rich, self-service tools to actively design your global selling experience. Start selling with any model instantly, and automate your CRM and back-office operations. Easily customize, localize and optimize your go-to-market strategies and gain insight via real-time customer reports.


Subscription Billing

Build Long-Term Recurring Revenues

Go beyond subscriptions to build long-term relationships that generate more revenue over the customer lifecycle. Quickly set up, define and optimize your plans and rates. Increase retention and reduce churn with self- and assisted-service support. Maximize opportunities from every customer interaction. Enable distribution channels for subscription sales and renewals. And gain valuable insight into subscription revenue growth metrics.


Channel Manager

Turn Distribution Channels into Revenue Engines

Leverage the deepest partner order and revenue management system to grow indirect revenues and quickly expand to the channels where your customers buy. Easily onboard and manage partners. Enter new markets. Control your order and fulfillment process. Sell and renew subscriptions. And gain control over your partner and end-customer management.


Affiliate Network

Multiply Your Market Reach

Increase your products' visibility and earn extra revenue with powerful affiliate management capabilities. Plug into our network of 40,000+ software-focused affiliates to penetrate underserved and/or new markets. Control affiliates across multiple channels and networks. Automate onboarding and administrative tasks, including payment and back-office operations. Build and strengthen affiliate relationships. And track and optimize sales and conversions.


Global Payments

Accept Global Payments & Focus on Your Business, Not on Your Billing & Payments Infrastructure

Grow global revenues by localizing your customer experience with multiple payment options, currencies and languages. Sell in over 100 countries with one payment gateway. Receive fast and secure payments for your software products. Outsource Tax/VAT handling and back-office operations. And gain instant PCI compliance, and advanced protection from risk and fraud.


Commerce Cloud

Scale and Automate Revenues in the Cloud

Get the advanced API technology you need to integrate everything on a platform that provides a safe and reliable environment to conduct digital commerce anywhere. Embed commerce into any customer touchpoint. Combine and configure every aspect of ordering, subscriptions, CRM, licensing and products under one set of protocols. Automate revenues and consolidate payments. And gain the security, reliability and confidence that comes with advanced and redundant infrastructure and safety protocols.


Marketing & Merchant Services

Leverage Our Marketing and Back-Office Operations Expertise

Let Avangate Marketing Services help you integrate your marketing and commerce for multichannel customer acquisition. And offload the heavy lifting related to your payment and financial transactions to Avangate Merchant Services.


Latest Product Releases

Stay Up to Date with Avangate's Quarterly Product Releases

Diversify Recurring Revenue Opportunities with the Avangate 2013 Winter Release. The Avangate platform has been enriched with over 710 new features and enhancements to help you achieve enhanced configurability and control for faster time to commerce. Take the digitization of your customer centric experiences to the next level, embrace the proliferation of touchpoints and diversify your reach across channels.


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