Avangate Channel Manager

Channel management solution for increased sales

Turn Distribution Channels into Revenue Engines

Grow Indirect Revenue. Expand to the Channels Where Your Customers Buy.

Channel Manager combines bulk ordering, license fulfillment and activation, billing and global payments into one powerful partner order and revenue management solution. With its rich feature set and built-in automation and optimization, Channel Manager makes it easy to multiply your global distribution channels online.

Partner Setup and Integration

Simplify Partner Engagement

Easily add and manage partners online through a centralized partner administration and order management system that features an intuitive, web-based Partner Portal, easy PRM integration and simple controls. Channel Manager makes it easy to configure partner tiers, credit limits and margins for new v/s renewals, as well as accelerate onboarding for new channel partners.

Partner Control Panel

Improve your partner relationship management with our Partner Control Panel

Simple controls enable you to quickly customize each partner relationship by setting credit limits, partner types and portals, margins and much, much more.

Predefined Business Templates

Partner database templates for seamless channel sales

Expand and manage your partner database with user-friendly, predefined templates for contract details, sales records and legal information.

Global Controls

Tackle commercial policies globally with Avangate’s channel manager

Set commercial policies globally in real time, and quickly scale and implement marketing actions across multiple regions.

Tip: Avangate's Channel Manger is a web-based SaaS solution, accessible from anywhere, anytime by your team or the entire partner ecosystem.

Channel-Enabled Customer Lifecycle

With Partner Attribution

Configure and support partner-assisted service, extending your sales and support network for upsells, add-ons, renewals and service on your behalf. Enable easy recurring revenue with MyAccount self-service with partner attribution and other customer self-service tools. Incentivize and reward customer loyalty with configurable pricing (monthly versus annual), renewal-upgrade discounts, tiered pricing and partner margin tiers.

Channel Visibility and Control

Centralized Management and Automated Processes Add Efficiency and Speed

With Avangate, you can quickly add and integrate new channel partners. Easily add, amend and track bulk orders. Unify the order, fulfillment, invoice and reporting experience. Streamline and automate approvals. Accept online payments. And gain an at-a-glance view of key business metrics and info.

Gain visibility over your channel sales and improve partner management

License Lifecycle Management

Control Your Software Order Fulfillment Process through Value-Added Resellers; Track Sales, License Key Distribution and Renewals

Leverage an advanced license inventory and tracking system with order and invoice management for channel sales. Send renewal notices to both end customers and partners. Collect advanced registration information from end users. Set up upgrade and renewal policies. Sell or renew subscriptions through partners. And give yourself complete visibility into channel revenues to optimize distribution strategies.

Leverage your software license inventory with our order management system

Tip: Encourage partners to share end customer registration information: Channel Manager takes care of renewal notifications automatically and partners still get to share part of that revenue - you can also allocate different discounts for first time purchases and renewals.

End-to-End Order and Fulfillment Management

Respond Faster with Fewer Resources

Improve your order management and fulfillment processes with Channel Manager

Eliminate the bottlenecks that can occur at any end of the order and fulfillment process. With Channel Manager, you can automatically process hundreds of orders in the time it takes to approve a handful manually, and automate key delivery and activation for any size order. Avangate also manages all the financial reconciliation, tax/VAT handling, payment collection and monitoring, and gives you instant access to all your sales information. And for every order placed, Avangate invoices your partners automatically, and enables them to pay online or offline with their choice of multiple payment methods.

Customized control over channel partnerships

You can also customize your partner order portal to match the look and feel of your website, and stock it with your latest marketing offers, product collateral and sales support and tools. Advanced controls enable you to apply discounts based on partnership tiers or special deals, automatically or manually on a per order basis. And assign partners price lists localized for the specific currencies.

New features for a more satisfying channel management experience

New features, such as automatic channel renewals with partner attribution, give you the ability to better service subscription sales and renewals, reducing channel conflict and providing both partners and end customers with a more satisfying experience.

Powerful Reporting and Analytics

Monitor and Optimize Partner Performance

Monitor and control channel sales and partner management for optimized channel performance

Allocate resources based on real time channel sales dashboards and reporting.

Quickly access all information and important notifications at both vendor and partner/reseller login.

Be alerted to orders, messages, or requests requiring immediate attention or approval.

Customize the dashboard to display your most important modules.


Gain Instant Insight into Partner Performance

The multiple standard and custom reports available in the Partner Control Panel give a complete overview of your market, customers, and partner performance. Get a quick view of pending and unpaid orders or access comprehensive reports to manage orders, customers and sales forecasts by channels or partner/reseller.

Comprehensive reporting for a complete overview of partner performance order management


Improve Forecasting and Optimize Strategies on the Fly

The graphs and reports available through the portal are designed to give you actionable intelligence that you can use to optimize channel performance in real time. Gain an understanding of your channel efficiency by reviewing revenue and discounting trends. Analyze country distribution for insights into the strengths and weaknesses of particular markets - and partners. Or focus on top partners to reward or incentivize performance based on results or growth potential.

Enhance channel efficiency using channel management analytics


See what challenges software and cloud vendors face selling SaaS via channels, and the tech investments necessary to support channels and equip them to build long-term relationships with end-customers.

Case Study

Avangate's Channel Manger provides Retrospect with a robust, flexible portal that instantaneously scales to meet the demands of the software vendor's partners


Learn how to acquire and grow the right channels for distribution, increase your SaaS renewals via channels and maximize your channel revenue in this competitive landscape.

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