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Kaspersky Lab: Improved revenue and optimized customer experience in local markets

Learn how Kaspersky Lab improved revenue per visitor by 63% and internal efficiency with the Avangate localized marketplaces.

123ContactForm: Increased Revenue by 18% with an Optimized Upgrade Page

Find out how 123ContactForm got a 21% increase in conversion rate for the whole buying process

Kaspersky Lab: Increased sales by over 20% with In-App purchasing

Learn how Kaspersky Lab improved retention significantly with the introduction of in-app purchasing.

PowerFolder: 18% revenue uplift when switched to Avangate

Find out how PowerFolder achieved a seamless online selling experience from the first acquisition to renewals.

ONLYOFFICE: International Sales into 70+ countries

With Avangate’s commerce platform and services, ONLYOFFICE was able expand internationally and get an additional boost in sales.

123ContactForm: 19% Revenue Uplift from Acquisition and Retention Optimization

Check out our latest 123ContactForm Case study to see how they increased revenue by optimizing acquisition and retention.

ABBYY: Business Transformation & Frictionless Selling

Read on to see how Avangate helped ABBYY build their online business and improve customer experience.

Workshare: Improved Conversions by 36%

Discover how Avangate’s Conversion Optimization service helped Workshare get a 10% revenue uplist and improve conversions by 36%.

Retrospect: Expanded Global Presence by 15%

Find out how Avangate helped Retrospect expand global reach and achieve faster go-to-market.

Privax: Global Reach & Increase in Retention Revenue by 18%

By using Avangate's solutions, Privax was able to conduct commerce in 120+ countries and recover almost 20% of recurring revenues.

Movavi: Increased Revenue by 12%+ with Improved Acquisition and Retention

By employing Avangate’s solution, Movavi was able to boost conversion rates and recover a significant portion of revenue.

Absolute: 84% Increase in Affililiate Sales

Did you know that Absolute's affiliate-generated revenue increased tremendously by improving acquisition with Avangate? Here's how.

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