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Whether it's news you're looking for or an expert's advice on how to accelerate your software, SaaS and Online Services business, you've come to the right place. Find expert guidance in our latest articles, webinars and conversations with key industry leaders.

Industry Buzz – September 2016

Fall is here and businesses are back in full swing, the conference circuit is heating up and companies are seeking better ways to sell software ...

Affiliate Success Story – Dmitrii Nikolaev

Since starting in the affiliate business 10 years ago, Dmitrii Nikolaev has become a successful affiliate marketer who caught our attention with his outstanding performance ...

Best Tactics to Boost Average Order Value

By implementing some very basic strategies for boosting the AOV, even a company with a relatively small customer base can increase its revenue.

Avangate's 2016 Yearly Digital Commerce Benchmark

Year over year trends in global software and digital goods sales: popular products and services, preferred payment methods.

6 Principles of High Converting Landing Pages

Join Duane Brown of Unbounce as he shares best practices for creating landing pages that convert, and specific tips for a/b testing your landing pages.

123ContactForm: Increased Revenue by 18% with an Optimized Upgrade Page

Find out how 123ContactForm got a 21% increase in conversion rate for the whole buying process

Share your Views in the Transition to SaaS & Subscriptions Survey

Please take part in our survey and share your thoughts regarding transitioning software to SaaS & Subscriptions. You are welcome to get a copy of ...

Top 9 Metrics for Measuring Your Affiliate Program

Let’s say you just launched your affiliate program, either in-house or with affiliate networks. There are a few key metrics you should keep in mind ...

Industry Buzz - August 2016

Hi sellers! As summer comes to an end, people are embarking on their final vacations and are starting to plan for a busy fall.

Cool Companies Interview: FusionCharts & Collabion

We recently had the pleasure of speaking to Pallav Nadhani, CEO and co-founder of FusionCharts, an industry leader in creating data visualization tools.

AffStat Survey 2016 is Now Open!

If you work in this business, now is the perfect time to make your voice heard: share your thoughts in the most comprehensive survey on ...

Tested Strategies to Reduce Involuntary Churn and Increase Customer Retention

Bringing leads into your sales funnel and converting them to loyal customers and brand advocates is a process involving significant planning.

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