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Tested Strategies to Reduce Involuntary Churn and Increase Customer Retention

Bringing leads into your sales funnel and converting them to loyal customers and brand advocates is a process involving significant planning.

5 Key Findings from Avangate's Quarterly Digital Commerce Benchmark

The first quarter of 2016 brought with it a number of interesting statistics and trends in global digital commerce. We have summarized all that and ...

Maximizing Lead Generation

Join Avangate and our guest speaker Valentin Radu, CEO of Marketizator, to learn how to stop the vicious cycle that kills your lead rate.

Cool Companies Interview Series - Zemana

Here’s one more interview that we’re glad to add to this blog. I recently had the pleasure to chat with xxx at Zemana, provider of ...

Industry Buzz – July 2016

Just to give you a little summer reading, we’ve collected great tips this month to help you improve your software & SaaS selling strategies in ...

7 Questions You Should Ask to Increase Global Sales

Join WhichTestWon and Avangate as we explore the weeds of international sales and answer 7 questions that will help you dominate the global market.

Avangate Olympics Contest

To honor the start of the Olympic Games in Rio, we’re hosting our own version of the event to celebrate the importance of digital commerce.

Meet Us at the Affiliate Summit East 2016

The most popular affiliate event of the year is fast approaching and we’re preparing to head once again in New York, for the Affiliate Summit ...

Avangate Summer ’16 Release: Increase Recurring Revenue with Extended Pay as You Go Tools

With the Summer 2016 release, Avangate unveils new functionality designed to power recurring revenue momentum, nurturing continuous customer lifetime value (CLTV) growth. Take advantage of ...

Avangate Digital Commerce Benchmark Q1 2016

Trends in global software, SaaS and online services sales: popular products and services, preferred payment methods.

G2 Crowd Spring 2016 Report

If you are evaluating e-commerce platforms or if you just want to see how your current solution stacks up, the Grid Report for E-commerce Platforms ...

How Leveraging Inbound Marketing Can Increase Your SaaS Sales

The SaaS industry faces many unique challenges that can be more adequately addressed through inbound marketing than almost any other marketing strategy. Keep reading to ...

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