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Avangate is the place where people make things happen using their mind and imagination. Daring talent, Team spirit and Innovation are what we value most in people. We know what we want: to be winners.

A career with us is more than just a job, we offer you the opportunity to succeed in company with international exposure and many exciting opportunities. As proof that Avangate is a great working environment stands the award we received as Top 5 Best Employers in 2010.

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“My greatest achievement at Avangate so far is the extraordinary team that I've gathered around a great product. We're a happy enthusiastic bunch that uses all the secrets to create and consolidate business models.”

Adriana - Chief Product Evangelist


“I have been working with Avangate since its beginning. I am really grateful that I managed to 'grow' and discover the hidden passion that I had for marketing. Avangate offers me exactly what I need: the possibility to create, improve and engage/commit. I find it really rewarding to learn and collaborate with the Avangate team in order to analyze and meet clients' needs to achieve success.”

Alexandra - Marketing Director


“I am constantly looking for ways to improve myself, my work and the people around me. As a team, we always put ourselves into the user's shoes when we develop something for the Avangate platform. This way, our partners become our friends.”

Black - Chief Information Officer


“With Avangate, I have the opportunity to assert my ideas with confidence which is really valuable as far as I am concerned. If you are passionate about a direction or strategy, your thoughts listened to, given due consideration and eventually, made true. Avangate is the kind of company which encourages creativity and self-assertiveness.”

Ciprian - Software Development Manager


“I work with the clients: you make the customer happy today, but that means you're going to have to work even harder to make him happy tomorrow. You can have a really good day with a client or a partner, but you must do your best in order to surpass expectations. What I like about Avangate is professionalism and the challenges I meet every day.”

Iulian - Key Account Manager Lead


“My philosophy in life is to treat everyone as they are my friends. I managed to build strong relationships in the industry and I like to think that every member of the Avangate sales team is a reliable friend for all of the company's partners.”

Laurentiu - VP, EMEA Sales


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