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Whether it's news you're looking for or an expert's advice on how to accelerate your software, SaaS and Online Services business, you've come to the right place. Find expert guidance in our latest articles, webinars and conversations with key industry leaders.

Maximizing Trial Conversion for Desktop Software

Join Shannon MacLeod and Marco Pimentel, two digital marketers that focus on desktop software, as they share best practices and case studies for tracking and ...

6 Principles of High Converting Landing Pages

Join Duane Brown of Unbounce as he shares best practices for creating landing pages that convert, and specific tips for a/b testing your landing pages.

Maximizing Lead Generation

Join Avangate and our guest speaker Valentin Radu, CEO of Marketizator, to learn how to stop the vicious cycle that kills your lead rate.

7 Questions You Should Ask to Increase Global Sales

Join WhichTestWon and Avangate as we explore the weeds of international sales and answer 7 questions that will help you dominate the global market.

Affiliate Marketing: 5 Myths Debunked

Join Rick Gardiner, CEO of iAffiliate Management as he shares insight on 5 common misconceptions around working with affiliates.

Top 5 Affiliate Program Pillars for Success

Watch this webinar to find out more about the 5 of the most important pillars of building and optimizing an affiliate program.

How to Leverage Digital Disruption and Commerce for Your Business Success

Get the latest commerce & software trends as well as real-world examples on how to leverage digital disruption.

Testing Makes Perfect - Onsite Optimizations that Drove Conversions

Watch this exclusive webinar with our partner VeInteractive for onsite optimization examples and tips on using analytics data to improve conversions.

A/B Testing to Increase Conversion Rates

Watch this webinar and see the tests you can run on your checkout page to optimize cart conversion rates and get a 15x ROI.

Optimize or Die: Online Conversion Basics

See real-world case studies with surprising results, showing that even proven best practices need to be validated through testing.

Are Affiliates Cannibalizing Online Sales?

Get a clear understanding of the different types of affiliates in the marketplace, their key motivations and drivers, and how best to work with them.

How to Increase Revenue via the Avangate Affiliate Network

Whether you already use Avangate's Affiliate Network and want to optimize it and increase the revenue, or if you are a vendor that is just ...

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Whether it's news you're looking for or an expert's advice on how to sell software, SaaS or digital goods online, you came to the right place. Find guidance in our latest eBooks, webinars, reports and conversations with industry thought leaders to further increase revenue, maximize the value of every customer, and expand global reach.