Avangate Digital Commerce Solutions

Software Vendors

Accelerate Online & Channel Revenues.

The software business is changing. Consumer and business buyers increasingly are looking to research and buy online and may never make it to your traditional retail or direct channels.

Avangate has the business-wide tools to meet these challenges head on.

Leverage Avangate to launch new products online in days, not months. Sell globally in 100+ countries with localized online stores & payments. Leverage trials, freemium, and subscription revenue models - all integrated with Finance. Experiment with price points and license models. Optimize all of it on the fly. And make the transition to SaaS, all without skipping a beat - or missing a sale.

Leading software companies recognize the need for Customer Centric Commerce and are already shifting to the B2i model.
Pavel Korolev
Head of Online Sales, Emerging Markets, Kaspersky

SaaS and Online Service Companies

Go Beyond Subscriptions

SaaS and online service businesses have a distinct advantage in disrupting existing markets.

Avangate multiplies that advantage with not only advanced recurring and subscription billing models that shorten the sales cycle, but also a full suite of tools to help you sell more online and through channels, as well as manage your growing customer base - all from one console, enabling you to accelerate your global growth while scaling operations.

With Avangate you can instantly define your user experience across touchpoints - online, assisted call center, and in-app. Sell and settle payments globally in over 100+ countries. Grow and manage partner and affiliate revenue. And engage with customers automatically to increase retention and reduce churn.

Avangate shares a vision with us of enabling B2C & B2B commerce: transact, interact, manage the entire customer lifecycle for both consumers and businesses.
Paul Lipman
CEO, Total Defense

Developers and Startups

Add Instant Commerce

Avangate gives startups and software developers the tools to quickly launch and sell products to a global market.

Use the self-service Control Panel to quickly build and configure your online store. Use the extensive APIs to easily embed the ability to sell in-app and collect payments seamlessly. Sell globally with localized stores, pricing, products, payments and shopper support. Build and manage a software-focused affiliate network. And do it all without adding headcount, worrying about compliance, or diverting resources from development or other critical business teams.

Avangate helped us increase our worldwide sales by 330% within one year.
Claudiu Murariu
Co-founder, PadiAct


Make Money with High Margin Software and Services

Top-selling software and services can add instant credibility to your brand and website. Software and services can be promoted alone, or complement almost any category you may be promoting.

Choose from over 22,000 software products and online services and benefit from the industry's highest commission structure. Test and optimize your buying experience for increased conversions. Gain access to proven marketing and selling tools. And receive fast and accurate payment and credit for all sales made.

What is really motivating in the Avangate network is that they encourage their vendors to reward affiliates for renewals. This is only fair, with revenue models shifting from one-off purchase to subscriptions.
Lucian Todea
Founder, Soft32

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