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A Word from the Editor

Adriana Iordan
Adriana Iordan,
Web Marketing Manager, Avangate

>>Welcome to the 3rd anniversary edition!

Hi everyone,

How are things working out for you? What challenges are you taking on?
This is the 3 year anniversary edition of Avangate Digest, we're learning a lot along the way and I can truly say that I enjoyed most working and connecting with all of you software aficionados.

This year we are focusing on conversion rate optimization and on enabling software vendors to find and to better work with partners. I believe that both of these are the foundation of any successful business online and I've seen some great results shared by a lot of software companies in this direction.

That's why are having a lot of new updates to the affiliate platform, network cross vendor selling, reseller management system, web analytics & multivariate testing modules to make sure we make it as easy as possible for software authors to strategize these two directions.

Also, this year I pledged to share more real-life experiences from the world of software business. What better way to outline this than by interviewing one of the co-founders of VSO software, Fabrice, whom I met years ago. He has great insights into using affiliates as partners for a software company and quite an obsession (healthy one if you ask me) over conversion rate optimization. I hope you will find answers to your own questions as well.

To stress even more why optimization is important, I want to show you the results one of our software partners got even with minor changes to a page in their shopping cart. Claudiu shares the results we've got from A/B testing on different shopping carts and introduces you to our first widget.

As always we welcome your feedback. If you prefer it, please don't hesitate to email me directly at

I hope you enjoy this newsletter and have a great spring!
Until next time,
Adriana Iordan


Interviewing Web VIPs: Fabrice Meuwissen

by Adriana Iordan
Fabrice Meuwissen

>>"Affiliate marketing results = Software Category x Vendor Brand x Tracking Method x Commission x Product Price x Currency"

Fabrice Meuwissen is the co-founder of VSO Software, a company which produces the popular ConvertXtoDVD video converter. He is a developer & marketing person who has been involved in software development and distribution since 1997 and started using an e-commerce platform back in 1998. Fabrice also set the bases of BrainFight , a webmarketing consultancy agency mainly addressed to software vendors.

Here's a quick excerpt: Which affiliates sell software better: download portals or niche websites?
"I can say that both sources will bring you about the same number of sales. The large download portals try to promote a lot of different products where you will have a lot of competition, while the niche websites are animated by expert and enthusiastic users. I never found it truly profitable to pay to be listed in, but I know it works for some new vendors, because they don't have a better choice and need to get traffic by starting somewhere. "

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Technology Sells

by Claudiu Murariu
shopper trust conversion rates

>>3 crucial conversion rate elements:
Trust, Confidence and Security

How high is your shopping cart conversion rate? Is it 30 or less? 40? 60? One day a client asked me: what exactly makes a conversion rate to be smaller or higher? Is it the number of steps, the security logos, the product images, adding/removing cross selling?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a secret formula. However, we have found that the absence of 3 elements can influence in a negative way your shopping cart conversion rate: trust, confidence and security.

Tackling them is not as easy as a walk in the park, however there is a success path to it: A/B testing. I invite you to do the following 3 tests, starting today (believe me, you won't regret it):

  • Test your current shopping cart with an updated look and feel against your current template. Pay attention to the smallest elements
  • Test a version of your shopping cart that contains additional elements like cross selling, backup CD or DIS against a version that has only the product and nothing else
  • Test security logos and the Who is Avangate widget

You think you have a great idea for testing but don't know how to implement it? Let us know and we will do it for you. Send your ideas to

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Cool places to hang out

by Cristina Andrei

uxbooth UX, Usability, IxD - if all these sound like Greek to you, then check out to see how they can dramatically improve your website. Learn how to positively influence your visitors' experience, make your site help them achieve their goals and encourage interaction. It's time to join the User Experience Community!

startuptodo What's the key to being a successful microISV? Industry VIP Bob Walsh has the answer: His latest project is a productivity application designed to help you build your own company from scratch. And, of course, start selling software online. Join this online community to find resources and knowledge available nowhere else!.

svpg Warning! Reading the SVPG Blog may lead to creating successful high-tech products that drive successful businesses! Marty Cagan, Silicon Valley-based product executive who has worked for industry leaders such as eBay and Hewlett-Packard, shares senior level experience in key areas of the product development organization. He and his partners, all recognized practitioners in their fields, are committed to help others create innovative products that their customers love. Learn from the best to be the best!


Avangate Article & Blog Digest

I bet you will find at least one new idea from the articles and blog posts below:

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Consider creating and maintaining a microsite, to boost your search engine ranking. Learn from a microISV's experience.

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Why Hammers Sell Better Than Your Software - Guest post by Bob Walsh
Bob Walsh talks about improving your software business overall conversion rate by getting your prospective customers immediately comfortable with your software.

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Five tested ways to convert more software trials to purchases- Guest post series by Jason Cohen
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3 factors that have impact on Conversion Rate
For the last couple of months there has been a frenzy here in our web marketing department about A/B testing and Conversion Rates. Why the frenzy?

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Never did A/B testing?
ab testing Share with us your ideas about increasing your shopping cart conversion rates and we will test the most creative ones, for free, in your Avangate account.
Send your ideas now!

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