Avangate Acquires 2Checkout to Expand Payment Flexibility and Broaden Market Reach


Combined company will bring a unique combination of eCommerce and subscription management solutions to market through various payment models across the globe.
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Services Economy

Products Are Dead

Welcome to the new Services Economy

Uber. AirBnB. HP Pronq. ZipCar. LegalZoom. myFICO.

New disruptive players are challenging the incumbents with delightful UX, frictionless payments and continuous customer relationships.

And they are ready to take on the world.

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Services Economy:

Raising the Bar on Online Sales

Products Are An Excuse To Sell Services.

Leaders in this economy are converting their one-time products to a continuous set of services that provide recurring, predictable revenues.

Services Are Being Productized.

Innovative user experience, constantly experimenting with price and packages, and running a data-driven business.

Payments Become Invisible.

Eliminate the ultimate point on friction. Compete on a different set of values of convenience and transparency with no need for pulling out a payment card.

Most Companies Are Unprepared...

Avangate Survey Reveals Unmet Customer Preferences

Want Free trials

Hate Difficult-to-reach live support

Change Subscriptions Online

Do not update credit cards voluntarily

...Due to Obsolete Systems That Restrict Growth

What You Really Need

Service Customers at Every Touch point

Enhanced online self-service 1-click; enhanced cart abandonment, cross-selling & renewals; multi-channel promotions; retention flows

Secure mobile cart simplified ordering and mobile analytics

Services Distribution partner-reseller portals, direct registration, affiliate attribution, categories, payouts

Assisted-Service Console full customer, orders, subscriber mgmt, cross sell, trials mgmt

Simplify and Scale the Business

Secure Mgmt of Cards on File 1-click ordering, renewals, upgrades, management

Automated Commerce Triggers cart abandon, cross-sell, upgrade, retention, & recovery

Expanded Chargeback /Fraud Mgmt tools, automated processing, reporting

Continually Expanding Global Support and Compliance Russian & Portuguese support, expanded local numbers, SEPA & EU Consumer Rights adoption

Simplified Mgmt Extended APIs / SSO support, testing tools, distributed infrastructure


Authorization Dashboard recurring revenue analytics across retention & payment authorization strategies

Expanded Customer & Subscription Reports cohort analytics, recurring rev reports, renewal forecasts, CLV & history • Intelligent Payment Routing II multi-processor optimization, local processing, cascading billing, Retry Engine+, integrated dunning & metrics

Beyond Accepting Credit Cards expanded recurring (ACH & iDeal), PO & check processing, LATAM & CIS

Avangate: Digital Commerce for the Services Economy


Resellers and Distributors

Global Payments

Subscription Billing

Advanced Marketing Tools

Merchant & Marketing Services

Success Stories

We clearly see a momentum shift toward online services for B2B software. Avangate helps us enable our customers to get started quickly and to flexibly choose the services they need.

Online services are now starting to show their true potential. Avangate's ability to support customers throughout the service lifecycle, across touchpoints, is a differentiation point.

Avangate helps us focus on our customers and grow the business further. We improved client retention, speed of support service and go to market activities.

The capabilities of the Avangate platform, the flexibility they provide plus their commitment to customer success made them the logical choice.