Avangate Acquires 2Checkout to Expand Payment Flexibility and Broaden Market Reach


Combined company will bring a unique combination of eCommerce and subscription management solutions to market through various payment models across the globe.
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Avangate helped IObit increase shopping cart conversion rate by 12% through optimization programs, resulting in a +30% increase in revenue. We have Avangate to thank for helping us improve online sales results.

Avangate provided Metaio with the marketing tools and back-office support to scale with their growth, as well as the ability to transact and accept payments globally with language, currency and tax handling support for over 100 countries.

With over ten million global users, Privax had set its objectives to improve their online customer experience, go-to market agility, as well as streamline their internal operations: Avangate gave Privax the flexibility we needed to build the types of offers that would appeal to their target audience - this includes trying new subscription models, pricing and packaging, as well as improving retention on existing customers and increasing operational efficiency through automation.

With Avangate, we were able to test and optimize prices on a regular basis, resulting in increased revenue across all channels. At the same time, TechLiveConnect is able to onboard partners easily, and benefit from real time, automated ordering, instant invoicing as well as real time reporting, analytical and forecasting tools.

After switching to Avangate, the chargebacks for Netscope decreased massively. Avangate's anti-fraud system is absolutely perfect and the money arrives in my bank account each month on time. Thank you Avangate for giving Netscope the opportunity to sell online without issues.

As our business continues to expand rapidly around the world, our ability to scale and optimize every facet, including the commerce side, has been a key strategic focus of Telestream. With Avangate's commerce solution, enterprise and consumer customers are supported the way they want to be and internal operations have become much smoother. With Avangate, we have a strategic partner that not only optimizes our current business but will foster and support our growth.

With mobile being so fundamental to our customers, the control and customer experience tools Avangate provides help us continuously optimize the customer experience. Thanks to the ability to customize the mobile cart, we increased sales conversions by over 20%. Our customers have come to expect the ability to look up their subscriptions, orders and transaction history, as well as adjust their subscriptions on the fly. Avangate has become a key element not only for selling, but also for servicing and retaining our customers.

By working with Avangate, Workshare was able to increase internal efficiencies, reduce refunds and increase in conversion rates and improve visibility into business financials and improvement areas.

At Kaspersky Lab, we are very thorough about entering new markets and have a custom approach in terms of best products, pricing, local support, payment methods, etc. Avangate has not only provided Kaspersky Lab with a strong, agile platform, but also with all the necessary tools and expertise to help us succeed online in markets such as Central Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

By choosing Avangate I've been able to move forward with building my subscriptions based business in the confidence that the payment collection and renewals are being taken care of by professionals. I looked at over 8 other providers - but after discussing my needs with Avangate their solution offered clear advantages in terms of time to market customization and costs. Add to this that their support staff has been superbly helpful and I couldn't be happier.