What to Look for in Commerce and Payments Solutions to Maximize Recurring Revenue

Lily Varon

Lily Varon
Forrester Research

Erich Litch

Erich Litch
Chief Revenue Officer


Watch this webinar to discover the critical elements of commerce and payments solutions so you can manage recurring customer relationships and maximize your revenue.

Guest Speaker Lily Varon, a Forrester Analyst serving eBusiness and Channel Strategy professionals, provides Forrester Research's all-encompassing perspective on the growing complexity of commerce and subscription management and the challenges merchants face at a global level as well as in their own domestic markets.

Lily Varon also dives into Forrester's findings on what merchants are looking for from their commerce and payments vendors to best support recurring customer relationships.

2Checkout's Chief Revenue Officer, Erich Litch, completes the picture with useful insights into different business models for commerce and payments and the benefits of each at a global level.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the challenges that digital goods and services companies face when dealing with the complexity of global commerce and recurring revenue management.
  • See how you can align commerce and payments solutions at a strategic level and learn how they can benefit your organization and overcome the aforementioned challenges.
  • Understand the increasing need for flexibility to experiment with different business and payments models even at the market level, for the most effective results pertaining to client retention, conversion, international reach and more.

Who should watch: Software and SaaS companies, online services providers

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