Respond Faster to Customers and Markets

Respond Faster to Customers and Markets

The digital economy has changed everything for software companies. Meeting the demands of today's global customers means saying goodbye to yesterday's systems and processes. Fortunately, Avangate's modern digital commerce was made to help software companies like yours. With online sales features that lets you sell instantly and get paid in over 180 countries and service at any touchpoint, Avangate meets today's demands while maximizing the value of every customer -- without the need to spend additional resources on infrastructure.

In software, today's hot feature can quickly become tomorrow's old news. Staying ahead of the competition means being able to launch new ideas and products on the market's - not IT's - timetable. Avangate's self-service controls allow you to easily create and experiment with new pricing, plans and models, to quickly find the right combination for any customer, touchpoint and market.

First sale is just the beginning of a commerce relationship. Avangate's all-in-one commerce service lets you manage the commerce experience across every stage of the digital lifecycle. With advanced controls for commerce, marketing and merchandising, you can enable self and assisted servicing for upgrades, upsells and discounts, establish revenue recovery, and deliver the right model to the right market from any touchpoint - maximizing the value of each customer.

The complexities of conducting business in multiple jurisdictions are enough to overwhelm any company. With a presence in practically every global market, Avangate has the prebuilt payments, merchant and tax relationships you need to act and sell locally in more than 180 countries around the world, allowing you all of the advantages of a global company, without any of the risk or underwriting expenses.

Customer preferences are changing and quickly expanding to pay-as-you-go models. Software companies will need to add subscriptions and metered plans into their mix to keep up with the growing need of consumers to control how they use and pay for digital products and services. Avangate's flexible platform supports the use of multiple models, giving you the ability to simultaneously manage licenses, subscriptions and renewals -- and make the transition to the recurring model without interruption to current revenues