Avangate Solutions for Affiliates

Achieve Your Business Goals

Achieve Your Business Goals

Our premium affiliate network for digital goods and online services allows you to choose from a growing database of 22,000+ software products and online services titles. Benefit from our powerful marketing tools and support and start earning the industry's highest commissions by selecting best-selling titles that align with your content.

Beat the Competition to Market

Market to Your Target Audience

Promote Best Performing Products

As an affiliate in the Avangate network, you get the chance to explore the software and digital goods industry and decide what business model suits you best - B2B and/or B2C - while earning commissions of up to 75%. Our catalogue is filled with top-quality and -selling tools, and even if you don't know what niche to initially focus on, you'll quickly find success and an audience with our popular and award-winning titles.

Get Maximum Value from Every Customer Relationship

All the Resources You Need

Focus on Strategy with the Best Tools

Membership in the Avangate affiliate network comes with many advantages. Chief among those is instant access to a wide range of resources - such as business reports, 24/7 support, advanced marketing tools and exclusive promotional offers - all designed to help ensure your success. You'll also receive prompt monthly payment for all sales booked, and your correct share for any recurring bills and renewals. Plus, it's fast and easy to sign up, and there are no fees or hidden costs. Just choose the right tools and products for your niche and start promoting.

Sell Instantly in More Than 180 Countries

Adjust Your Strategy to Maximize Revenue

Enjoy Real-Time Reports

As an affiliate you get access to real-time data about the performance of the products you're promoting and selling. Available in the management interface, these reports reflect all the KPIs that are important for you as an affiliate, such as products, clicks, orders, revenue, refunds, conversion rate, earnings per click, and more. You get an email notification every time you generate a sale, as well as comprehensive monthly reports by email on the sales you generated in the previous month.