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50 Online Accessibility and Usability Tools


21. Web Accessibility Toolbar

Web Accessibility Toolbar is provided by the Accessible Information Solutions (AIS) team of Vision Australia. It consists of a range of functions that: identify components of a web page, facilitate the use of 3rd party online applications, simulate user experiences, provide links to references and additional resources.

22. Web Developer

A toolbar designed for Firefox, Flock, Mozilla and Seamonkey, with various web developer tools which help you test online how your website looks like with disabled page colors, java script or java, styles; it will help you resize window, validate local accessibility, html, links, section 508 etc.

23. Firefox Accessibility Extension

Mozilla/ Firefox Accessibility Extension can be used to check the structural and styling markup that support functional web accessibility.

24. T.A.W.

FireFox extension helps you check the accessibility of the web site you visit Browser Screen Resolution Checker

It is important to test a web site in as many ways as possible: view it in different screen resolutions, various computer platforms and different browsers. Find out how your web page looks like with the viewer's monitor set to different screen resolutions as you want to be sure your visitor can see everything or at least the important navigation links:

25. Browser Screen Resolution Checker - Markhorrell
26. Screen Size Tester - AnyBrowser
27. Screen Resolution Checker - AndyLangTon

Different browser check

The same web page may look different depending on which Internet browser is being used for viewing. In order to ensure that all your visitors are seeing your web page as they are supposed, it is recommended to use a different browser checker. We suggest using:

28. BrowserCam
29. BrowserShots

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Comments (2)

Olu Ogunbanjo says:
November 21st, 2008 at 5:01 pm

Just wondering what the best usability testing tool available for testing on behalf of a visually impaired user.

Claudiu Murariu says:
November 27th, 2008 at 5:55 pm

We also use Scrutinizer ( which is great not only to see how visually impaired people see your website but how difficult is to focus on certain elements.

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