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10 IT Podcasts You Must Hear

Although it might be common knowledge, a podcast could be defined as a group of digital media files which are distributed via feed readers for playback on media players, either portable or PC-based.

Besides articles, newsletters and emails, podcasting is a very efficient way of staying tuned with the latest trends in your industry. Here's a list with some of the podcasts, I often listen, that should be given due consideration in the software (IT) industry.

10 IT Podcasts you Should Never Miss

1. IT Conversations
ITConversations - is an audio podcast website led by Phil Windley, a recognized expert in using information technology. One recent example is represented by David Platt's Why Software Sucks...and What You Can Do About It, where he brings the issue of software flaws into discussion, talking about his findings and experiments in the field. He states that the problem of software lies in poor designing, and believes that programmers mostly produce software with poor functionality, especially if they are put in comparison with other devices that we use to perform different routine tasks.

2. TalkBMC Podcast
Some of the latest information on TalkBMC revolves around Podcast interviews at BMC UserWorld 2007 in Vancouver, B.C., Canada from Wednesday, October 31st, 2007. To be more specific, TalkBMC went to Canada and talked to strategists, industry experts, consultants and IT educators about what has happened lately in the software world.

Generally, audio interviews are updated on a regular basis and you can check back if you are curious to see what you might have missed. As an example, you can listen to an interesting interview with Sharon Taylor, chief architect of ITL v3 and president of Aspect Group talking about the future of ITL, David Solin, R&D solutions architect speaking on the same topic, Fred Johannessen, vice president of technology alliances and market zone pointing ways to build a better BSM (business service management) and so on.

PodTech is another important podcast that focuses on the latest trends in business technology optimization. In one of their most recent interviews, Tom Field of CIO magazine interviews Tom Hogan( Senior Vice President of HP Software) about HP's portfolio, its software strategy, about optimizing business outcomes and several other aspects like HP's plan to help CIOs in IT organizations drive better results and better business outcomes with their investments in systems, applications, networks and information.

4. Intel Podcasts
Intel® Software Network makes available a series of podcasts that are taken from the Intel and Dr. Dobb's Journal series of technical 'webinars'. Its topics are of high interest to those who work as Software Developers and also in the field of technology architecture. Several links to download the podcasts (MP3 files of webcast audio tracks) to your desktop for playback on your PC, MP3 Player are provided.

The Architect Series includes titles such as Architecting a UNIX to Linux Solution Strategy, Service Oriented Enterprise: An Architect's view - 60 Minutes etc.

5. Podcasts podcasts is a definitive source for podcasts that focuses on software business strategy. Being consisted of numerous industry experts, they discuss the latest software business trends and then, these insightful conversations are provided online under the form of podcasts that run from 15 to 45 minutes.

Not only can they be played right away, but they can also be downloaded and played later on any media player. Some examples: Jun. 2007 Ken Berryman: Innovation for the Next Era, Communities and Corporations Panel.

6. Sharewareradio
Shareware invites us to listen to the software industry insiders (shareware) - the question they raise, the topics they discuss and the solutions they propose. Mike Dulin, the host, has been involved with Shareware since 1996 and has brought a different approach to broadcasting.

Our Sales Manager, Laurentiu Ghenciu has been invited to tell some words about Avangate's history, his history with Avangate and to deliver some opinions about the software vendors, resellers, Avangate services, European developers at SIC 2007. For more details, you can listen to the Laurentiu Ghenciu's entire interview.

7. .NET Rocks!
This is the internet audio show for .NET Developers, hosted by Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell. One of their latest show was called Tomas Petricek on PHP in ASP.NET and Silverlight. The two hosts talked to Tomas Petricek (C# MVP and a student of computer science at Charles University in Prague) about Phalanger, which is a managed code language compiler and about many other web tools.

8. Hansel minutes
Hansel minutes is a weekly audio talk show with web developer Scott Hanselman and hosted by Carl Franklin. In this show, Scott puts emphasis on the latest pc utilities and tools and also gives very good and practical advice. Moreover, he discusses issues with regards to Windows and also ASP.NET.

9. Ted's talks
Ideas worth spreading is the motto of this video podcasting website which keeps us updated with the latest news all around the world. It brings into the spotlight subjects and topics from different fields of activity and various domains, but you can also find software business topics here. The bottom line is that not only is the site interesting for the topics presented but also for the way people deliver their speech there. Some say that they are trying hard not to be pretentious. My opinion is that they really manage to do that providing some valuable food for thought.

10. Channel 9 Shows
Channel 9 is a Microsoft discussion forum used to promote conversations among Microsoft's customers aiming at Microsoft Windows users. Channel 9 comprises interviews with Microsoft developers about their products, a forum to discuss the videos and other topics, and a wiki, which has been adopted by various Microsoft teams as a way to encourage feedback and responses to problems.

MicroISV Show is a show moderated by Bob Walsh and Michael Lehman interviewing independent software vendors about their experiences, software development and the latest trends in the industry.The bad news now is that there won't be any new shows since the project was abandoned. Nevertheless, you can find all their interviews on the site and for the time being, it should be considered as a relevant podcasting site.

For more sites featuring audio podcasts, you can go to where you can find other podcasts related to software business or check the Top 10 Podcasts of 2007

To conclude, podcasting is a very fashionable and comfortable technique to keep up to date with the latest news in any field of activity, not only in the software industry. Not only is it easy to use, but it also offers a series of benefits.It allows you to listen to whatever you want and whenever you want by recording and storing mp3s which are currently free of charge. This list above is only one consisted of 10 podcasting websites which I considered useful for an IT company to stay up to date with news in the industry. Therefore, this list remains opened for any new suggestions from you.

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