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Software product documentation

How to write good documentation for your product and why it is important. The ideal software would be free of errors and so easy to ...

Professional software associations

Gain knowledge and get a step ahead with professional software associations. List of software associations where you can discuss your problems with other independent software ...

History of shareware

Shareware as a software distribution method being developed extensively. Find out how shareware become so popular.

The importance of shareware submission

The first step to increase your shareware sales is submitting your product to the top ranked download sites and directories. Tips on how to promote ...

How to Sell Your Software

Selling software online: How do you present your software? See our to-do list when planning to sell software online and be successful at it.

Sell more software from your website

You want to sell more software from your website? How do you make the client truly understand your product and trust it – and your ...

Shareware to market software

People want to see what they buy, try before they buy instead of taking your word for it and know where to turn to if ...

Cross sell your software

Cross selling can be used as an effective tool of getting additional revenue from clients, offering them similar or complementary products. Studies show it costs ...

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