Avangate Acquires 2Checkout to Expand Payment Flexibility and Broaden Market Reach


Combined company will bring a unique combination of eCommerce and subscription management solutions to market through various payment models across the globe.
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Avangate Acquires 2Checkout

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This webinar will provide practical advice for affiliates looking to join new programs and best practices around starting to promote new merchants.
Watch this webinar to find out why SaaS subscription businesses face unique customer retention challenges and how to handle them.
Watch our webinar to learn more about how to leverage our network and work with a growing database of 22,000+ software products.
Join Shannon MacLeod and Marco Pimentel, two digital marketers that focus on desktop software, as they share best practices and case studies for tracking and ...
This webinar explores how you can increase CLV by employing best practices in eCommerce and online payments.
Case Study
Learn how Kaspersky Lab improved revenue per visitor by 63% and internal efficiency with the Avangate localized marketplaces.
This paper provides a framework for software companies looking to make a successful transition to subscriptions or SaaS.
Learn how to maximize conversion rates and revenue growth based on best practices of thousands of B2C & B2B software and SaaS vendors.
Steb-by-step guide on how to be in control of Google Analytics and Adobe SiteCatalyst for marketers and developers from software & SaaS companies.
Domestic payment methods and currencies can make international customers feel more "at home" in your shopping cart to result in higher conversion rates. This datasheet ...
Year over year trends in global software and digital goods sales: popular products and services, preferred payment methods.
Join Duane Brown of Unbounce as he shares best practices for creating landing pages that convert, and specific tips for a/b testing your landing pages.

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