Avangate Acquires 2Checkout to Expand Payment Flexibility and Broaden Market Reach


Combined company will bring a unique combination of eCommerce and subscription management solutions to market through various payment models across the globe.
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Avangate Develops Next Level in Fraud Control

Avangate Develops Next Level in Fraud Control with Fraud Detective 2.0

Avangate BV, shareware registration service and e-commerce provider for online software sales, introduces a key upgrade with its proprietary fraud detection module, enabling faster order processing and superior end-user comfort. Fraud Detective, now reaching second edition, is part of the Avangate® solution and makes the later a very effective e-commerce platform to protect against criminal attacks and identity theft on the Internet.

Fraud Detective 2.0 makes a difference, being a reliable fraud detection module for e-commerce while speeding up the online order management and encouraging purchases. Based on Avangate team experience with observing and handling fraudsters' behavior patterns, the technology was developed with a keen eye on online sellers' commercial requirements. The result is an efficient background application that continuously learns and improves its timing and accuracy.

"Being a good fraud detective implies always being alert and open. Fraud Detective 2.0 was developed from the beginning as an intelligent module integrated within the Avangate® solution. Fraud patterns including specific order profile for each product are studied by the Avangate anti-fraud system, learned and archived for further reference", explains Cristian Badea, CIO Avangate B.V.

"We are happy to have created a true artificial brain that understands our clients' business, helps build customer trust and eventually boosts conversion rate", adds Cristian Badea.

Fraud Detective 2.0 is now standard on Avangate® solution and is a proof of how technology helps business grow. Better security and better customer care make better sales.


About 2Checkout (formerly Avangate)

2Checkout, a Francisco Partners portfolio company, is the digital commerce & payments provider that helps companies sell their products and services via multiple channels, acquire customers across multiple touch points, increase customer and revenue retention, leverage smarter payment options and subscription billing models, and maximize sales conversion rates. The company’s clients include ABBYY, Absolute, Bitdefender, FICO, HP Software, Kaspersky Lab, and many more companies across the globe.

Avangate acquired 2Checkout in March 2017. More information about 2Checkout’s Avangate platform and related services can be found on

More information on 2Checkout can be found on

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