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Webinar: How to Maximize SaaS Renewals. Hosted by Subscription Insider

Learn Why SaaS Subscription Businesses Face Unique Customer Retention Challenges and How to Handle Them

Subscription insider webinar March 02, 2017 - Avangate, the global eCommerce and subscription billing platform that maximizes revenue for software, SaaS and digital solutions, announced today that Adriana Iordan, Chief Product Officer at Avangate, will be a speaker at the webinar "How to Maximize SaaS Renewals" hosted by Subscription Insider on Thursday, Mar. 23rd, 1:00 PM EST, 10:00 AM PST.

SaaS and Software companies, subscription and recurring executives involved in payments, retention, marketing, eCommerce and operations are encouraged to attend the online event in order to learn tactics and strategies for higher SaaS renewals. ​

Adriana Iordan, Chief Product Officer
Adriana Iordan

Adriana, expert in global eCommerce and payments, will explain why SaaS subscription businesses face unique customer retention challenges and how to handle them. The best practices shared during this online event are backed by benchmark data and case studies to help you learn how to overcome the unique challenges SaaS recurring businesses face.

Claim one of the 250 spots available to learn:

  • How your company churn rate stacks up against global churn benchmark data;
  • How to optimize payments even after they have been declined, with specific events before and after a subscription expiration date;
  • Retention and renewal process strategies to prevent customers from canceling their subscription;
  • Experiments you can run to increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and retention.

During the webinar, Adriana will present case studies that demonstrate how managing the many details of retention can have a direct and significant impact on recurring SaaS profitability:

Case studies

Who should attend?

SaaS and software companies, subscription and recurring executives involved in payments, retention, marketing, eCommerce and operations.
Any recurring revenue executive that needs to understand tactics and strategies for higher SaaS renewals.

About Adriana Iordan

Adriana specializes in growing SaaS and Software companies internationally through eCommerce conversion optimization and retention strategies, which she honed working with hundreds of global SaaS and services subscription companies while leading the Avangate product and growth services teams. She is proud of achieving high authorization rates for her clients through smart payments recycling strategies, and also winning A/B tests and growing CLTV through growth hacking tactics and conversion optimization.

About Avangate

Avangate, a Francisco Partners portfolio company, is the digital commerce provider that helps Software, SaaS and digital solution providers to sell their products and services via multiple channels, to acquire customers across multiple touch points, to increase customer and revenue retention, to leverage smarter payment options, and to maximize sales conversion rates.

Avangate's clients include ABBYY, Absolute, Bitdefender, FICO, HP Software, Kaspersky Lab and many more companies across the globe.

More information can be found on www.avangate.com

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